COVID-19 UPDATE: ALL IN PERSON TOURS ARE CURRENTLY BEING MODIFIED TO MAINTAIN SAFE DISTANCING PRACTICES.  DURING ALL MEETINGS: CLIENTS MUST WEAR A FACIAL MASK.  Clients refusing to wear a facial mask will be denied a tour/meeting.  Safety is our number one priority.

A tour/meeting can be scheduled if you would like to meet with us to discuss your dogs needs, etc..  A tour/meeting is not required for guests to board with us.   In order to best serve our guests under our care, we have a designated time per week in which tours/meetings take place.   These are designed to be group tours, but all individual questions will be answered.  Due to the nature of our business, we cannot provide "on the spot" or "drop by" tours.  In addition, this is our home and residence.  


*Dogs/Cats are not permitted to be with you during a tour.   If you'd like us to assess your dog, we find that a scheduled day or more of daycare is best for us to do that.  We have found we do not get a true response from dogs or cats during a tour/meeting with owners present.  In addition, for safety and health reasons:  we cannot allow dogs or cats to be present during tours.  



You must contact us, and schedule the tour with us by 7pm prior to the day of the tour.  You will then be emailed additional information about the tour.   You can email us at PITTPETCONCIERGE@AOL.COM or call 412-856-8505.  Additionally, you  may also text us at 412-856-8505. YOU MUST RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL/ MEETING PASS FROM PPC THAT YOUR TOUR APPOINTMENT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED.    Thank you for your understanding.